National Gallery of Armenia Holds Virtual Tour of Western Armenian Monuments


YEREVAN ( — The 360° images of cultural monuments of Western Armenia and Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia will be exhibited in the National Gallery of Armenia from May 16 to June 16.

Last year Ucom LLC and 360°Armenia implemented a rather important project aimed at finding out what the generations know about their historical homeland, which of the lost treasures are still preserved and which state they are currently in. The camera crew of the companies disclosed the architectural structures of Mush, Van, Sassoun, Urfa and other famous settlements.

With the help of 360° images, the most important monuments of history, culture and natural wealth of Western Armenian were captured.

Armenian Minister of Diaspora, Hranush Hakobyan, attended the opening of the exhibit. Getting familiarized with the capacities of the virtual tour, the minister noted: “Unfortunately, the Armenian monuments located in Turkey and Azerbaijan are in a rather dangerous zone in terms of their preservation. Each second the barbarians are destroying and eliminating them. However, such technical capacities allow us to fully possess our heritage.”

Introducing the project, General Director of Ucom, Hayk Yesayan, stressed: “We attach great importance to the digital possession of the historical and cultural monuments found in the territory of Turkey. We know that not everyone gets the chance to leave for Turkey and see our historical and cultural monuments. This is a very simple virtual way to see what monuments and fortresses there are and how all of them decreased over these hundred years. Unfortunately, we see that various monuments are changing and becoming the possession of another country. This is a value, which we must preserve.”

Yesayan also stressed that over 40 monuments have been presented within the framework of the project.

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