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This original recipe and photo are courtesy of Salpy’s International Kitchen. Salpy Rozario posts an extensive selection of international recipes at her popular food blog like this traditional recipe for Sini Kufte from June 2, 2013.[...]

This original and savory recipe is courtesy of “Kevani cooking with minor adjustments” by Salpy’s International Kitchen. Discover signature recipes created by the amazing Salpy Rozario herself, and “an incredible selection of[...]

Discover this savory Sini Beurek and other international recipes at Salpy’s International Kitchen food blog, adapted and tested by Salpy Rozario. Beurek (burek, börek, or boreg) is a classic part of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern[...]

ANI Catering & Cafe’ in Belmont, MA, has been serving authentic Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisine to the Greater Boston area for over 20 years. In April, in honor of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, five[...]