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“The idea for this Middle Eastern lentil soup came to me after eating a similar soup in a restaurant that was gloriously flavorful and comforting. One spoonful and I was in love with how it tasted,” says Analida Braeger.[...]

This is the recipe that won Nancy Sarkisian Berryman the first prize award in the Cake Baking Contest at St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit Annual Picnic on August 16, 2009. An eagerly awaited event of the year’s picnic was[...]

“Everyone has a childhood memory of a special recipe eaten at home, at grandma’s house or at a restaurant, that made a lasting and permanent impression.  Forever after, the thought of that dish lingers, ready to be triggered by a[...]

“When we walk into a kitchen, we are not alone. We bring with us the memories of our mothers and grandmothers and the food served at their tables. For Armenians, preparing and serving food has always been a demonstration of love for our[...]