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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Peter Balakian is one of the most masterful English-language poets Armenians have as a voice in the contemporary world. The Boston area had a rare opportunity on May 17 to hear him recite some of his newest works and[...]

By Lilit Keheyan Translated from Armenian to English by Ishkhan Jinbashian   Tamar Asadourian (1980-2020) was diversely talented as an accomplished pianist, author and fine artist. At the age of 16 she had a debut recital at[...]

By Naneh Hovhannisyan Special to the Mirror-Spectator Ever since the 2020 Karabakh War, there has been a pervasive stench of doom, defeat and despondency threatening to envelope us Armenians. A piece of news from Istanbul exacerbates it.[...]

By Kevork Keushkerian ALTADENA, Calif. — The Tekeyan Cultural Association Metro Los Angeles Chapter on May 1 hosted a very informative lecture titled “Arms for Armenia: The Matter of Airplanes – The Attempted Purchase of Surplus[...]