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BOSTON — “Do You Know My Name?” is the first in a series of video montages presented by the Daring Armenian Women (DAW) Project, showcasing Armenian women from all over the world, who are often overlooked, honoring their courage,[...]

GLENDALE — The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California has announced that they will honor former US Secretary of Navy and US Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul R. Ignatius at their 2nd Annual Gala. The highly[...]

By Artsvi Bakhchinyan Special to the Mirror-Spectator YEREVAN/RIGA — Solvita Avakjana (Avakian) is a Riga-based professional dancer, pop singer and fitness trainer. Years ago she was a member of the popular Latvian band A-Europa, with[...]

FRESNO — Dr. Ümit Kurt will give a presentation on “The Young Turks: Racism and the Construction of National Identity” on Friday, November 8, at 7:30 p.m., in the University Business Center, Alice Peters Auditorium, Room 191, on the[...]