Topic: Art Exhibit

NEW YORK  —  To many people, the word curate evokes images of priests in religious garb since curate is also a synonym for a man of the cloth, or else it’s easily confused with the verb “to cater.” So what does it actually mean[...]

WATERTOWN — “Across Cultures: Invisible Ties and Journeys of Hope,” the upcoming exhibition at the Dorothy and Charles Mosesian Center for the Arts, reflects on ideas of displacement, migration, immigration, and the complexity of[...]

NEWFIELDS, N.H. — Artist Apo Torosyan’s new exhibit at Main Street Art, is taking place through November 22. The gallery is located at 75 Main Street. “In the previous phase of my art work I portrayed the dark side of life, which was[...]

BOSTON — On November 9, the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (MAMY) will launch an installation titled “Palimpsest: A History in Drawers,” showcasing works by Boston-based painter Varteni. In the early 1980s, Henrik Igityan, founder of[...]