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Aram Arkun
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LOS ANGELES/LONG BEACH, Calif. – According to reports on news and social media, Armenian-owned stores were among the victims of rioters and looters in various parts of Los Angeles and Southern California over the last weekend as[...]

CHICAGO – Protesting over the death of George Floyd deteriorated into looting in Chicago’s downtown and migrated into the suburbs over the weekend. Armenian-owned businesses and institutions were among those in danger and some suffered[...]

DENVER – The Colorado state capitol khachkar memorial to the Armenian Genocide and to the victims of all crimes against humanity was vandalized with spray-painted graffiti on the night of May 29-30 in downtown Denver during the protests[...]

YEREVAN – It doesn’t sound like an unusual story in the US. Four friends graduate college and come up with a great idea for a business. Their software platform takes off and becomes wildly successful internationally. In the case of[...]