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By Lt. Gen. Hayk Kotanjian Special to the Mirror-Spectator Given the growing threat of the ouster of Russia from the South Caucasus, I would like to focus on large-scale and at the same time practically realizable possibilities of[...]

The possibility of selling US-made arms to Armenia has been discussed often. There are all sorts of interpretations and approaches. Many claim that it is a matter of political expediency for the US. Others say that for such a deal it is[...]

The last month was marked with extensive developments around Armenia – Azerbaijan relations and the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. On September 27, the Secretary of the Armenian security council met with President Aliyev’s top foreign[...]

All indications point to the fact that Turkey and Azerbaijan have found the once-in-a-century opportunity to finish up the grisly job that they had begun 107 years ago. This conclusion should not be construed as an exaggeration in light of[...]