Topic: Ethnic Cleansing

The following keynote address was delivered by Mirror-Spectator editor Alin K. Gregorian at the annual Genocide commemoration in Providence, on April 28. As most know, we commemorate the date April[...]

The year 2023 marked perhaps the worst year for Armenians since the Genocide of more than a century ago. Azerbaijanis backed by Turkish Special Forces and utilizing Israeli drones attacked[...]

PTGHNI, Armenia — “Karabakh was sold. I blame the former and current authorities for that, but first of all I blame so called our ally Russia. They sold Karabakh now[...]

ABOVYAN, Armenia — Almost every day, those of us from Artsakh forcibly relocated to Armenia attend a funeral ceremony for the Karabakh Armenians here in Armenia. The pain from this[...]

YEREVAN — The shock is gone, and so is the attention, it seems. What bothers Artsakh (Karabakh) Armenians after the ethnic cleansing, in their new lives in Armenia? “All the[...]

WATERTOWN — The stakes for Armenia seem to be high, less than four years after the disastrous second Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) war in 2020, this time waged unilaterally and with[...]

By Garik Poghosyan Special to the Mirror-Spectator The dissolution of NKR was a major psychological blow to the Armenian people. The decree spelled the end of Armenian hopes pinned on[...]

NOYAKERT, Armenia (AFP) — Before fleeing the advancing Azerbaijani troops for Armenia, Suren Martirosyan glanced back one last time at his fruit garden in Nagorno-Karabakh, and the momentary vision has[...]

THE HAGUE (Reuters) — Judges at the World Court on Friday, November 17, ordered Azerbaijan to let ethnic Armenians who fled Nagorno-Karabakh in September return, and to keep the Armenians[...]

International news attests to the blatant injustices and the end of an international legal order built in the aftermath of the disasters and atrocities of World War II. Major powers,[...]