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By Gayane Barseghyan Between 1905 and 1921 horrific massacres were committed against Armenians by Azeris (Tatars) in the Armenian Highland and Transcaucasia. The internationally recognized term “Armenian Highland” was introduced[...]

On September 19, Azerbaijan launched its gruesome attack against the civil population of Artsakh following a nine-month total blockade, committing atrocities resulting in the ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population.[...]

WATERTOWN — Ken Dilanian is the justice and intelligence correspondent for NBC News, based in Washington D.C. He will be one of the panel members discussing “Media Coverage of Armenia[...]

WATERTOWN — David Reynolds Ignatius is one of the best known journalists writing on foreign affairs in the United States. Called “one of the wise men of Washington” by a[...]

NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES – The President and CEO of CBS Entertainment Group in New York, George Cheeks, issued an apologetic statement on October 14 to Ambassador Armen Baibourtian,[...]