By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach Special to the Mirror-Spectator One hot day in late July I received emails from two friends — one is Armenian and the other Italian — both alerting me to a curious letter circulating widely on the Internet. It[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian The parliamentary elections in Turkey on June 7 are closely watched events by all parties in the region who will be impacted, one way or another, by their outcome. Turkey is a regional superpower and an arrogant one at[...]

By Adam Strom   In September 1939, just before the invasion of Poland and the beginning of the Nazi Holocaust, Adolf Hitler asked his generals, “Who today still speaks of the massacre of the Armenians?” Hitler’s reference[...]

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach   In times of grave crisis, when it seems that the world has gone insane, when violence reigns, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents, and more often than not, the ideologically crazed[...]

  By Hagop Avedikian I would like to present several observations I have made, based on purely personally impressions, after closely following the parliamentary proceeiings and the work of the consultatory commission of[...]

By Raffi Bedrosyan The conference organized by the Hrant Dink Foundation about “Islamicized Armenians” at the Istanbul Bosphorus University in early November broke one more taboo in Turkey. A hidden reality, a secret known by many[...]

By Raffi Bedrosyan When someone visits Armenia for the first time, the tour itinerary invariably includes a multitude of churches and monasteries. Modern Armenia is the land of churches. Historic Armenia in Anatolia was also a land of[...]

To the Editor: Another April 24 commemoration at Times Square and once again, noticeably absent was Eastern Diocese Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian. To what end is his absence meant to serve? One would think in light of the peril[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian No matter what topic we choose today and no matter how festive a mood we pretend we are in, we cannot avoid expressing our sentiments about the brutal massacre of innocent children in Connecticut because the tragedy[...]

Edmond Y. Azadian Syria has been one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and home for the most affluent Armenian community attached to its roots and heritage. The deportations and the Genocide of 1915 ended in Northern Syria;[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian I am back in Cairo, Egypt, in this most turbulent of times. This is a city which I called home for almost a decade when I was invited to serve as the editor of the daily Arev, established in 1915 by its founding[...]