Topic: Armenian Diaspora

BEIRUT — The once-mighty Armenian diasporan community of Lebanon has suffered greatly as a result of the nonstop onslaught on the country’s economy. While many have left to seek a better life abroad, others have stayed put and are[...]

YEREVAN — Gregorio Belaunde, a French and Peruvian national born in 1961 in Paris, is an Independent International Risk Management Consultant. He graduated with a degree in law in France (1979-1982) at Université Paris 2. He holds a[...]

WATERTOWN— A new exhibit of photographs at the Armenian Museum of America tries to weave together  the different strands of Armenian communities around the world. The exhibit, “Ara Oshagan: Disrupted, Borders,” opened on June 7 and[...]

BOSTON — It has been six months since Azerbaijani forces, under the guise of an ecological protest, blocked the Lachin Corridor, the only route connecting Karabakh (Artsakh) to Armenia, the only friendly country on its border. The[...]

YEREVAN/BUDAPEST — Recently Lector Publishing House of Transylvania published the bilingual (Armenian-Hungarian) anthology, Contemporary Armenian Poetry, initiated by the Hungarian-Armenian Alliance of Transylvania. It includes poems by[...]

WATERTOWN — High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Zareh Sinanyan gave a presentation on the activities and goals of his office to a group of Armenian community leaders of Boston at the New England Armenian[...]

YEREVAN / SÃO PAULO — Brazilian fencer, psychoanalyst, poet and translator William Zeytounlian de Moraes was born in 1988 in São Paulo. He started to practice fencing at the age of 15. William is a four-time four times Brazilian[...]

STRASBOURG (Panorama) — Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu on Sunday, October 9, met with the Turkish community in Strasbourg, France, telling the Turks to “react against” the Armenian Diaspora. “When it comes to Turkey, we need[...]

Nigoghos Sarafian’s The Bois de Vincennes (Wayne State University Press, 2011), hailed as one of the most important texts of twentieth-century Armenian diasporic literature, transports the reader to a land that exists somewhere between[...]

By Angelina Der Arakelian Special to the Mirror-Spectator “So, where are you from?” This is a common question to which an Armenian born and raised in Cyprus cannot articulate a simple answer. Armenians in Cyprus today date back from[...]