Topic: Armenian Diaspora

STRASBOURG (Panorama) — Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu on Sunday, October 9, met with the Turkish community in Strasbourg, France, telling the Turks to “react against” the Armenian Diaspora. “When it comes to Turkey, we need[...]

Nigoghos Sarafian’s The Bois de Vincennes (Wayne State University Press, 2011), hailed as one of the most important texts of twentieth-century Armenian diasporic literature, transports the reader to a land that exists somewhere between[...]

By Angelina Der Arakelian Special to the Mirror-Spectator “So, where are you from?” This is a common question to which an Armenian born and raised in Cyprus cannot articulate a simple answer. Armenians in Cyprus today date back from[...]

Despite all the internal and external challenges plaguing the country now, Armenia is flexing its nascent diplomatic muscles around the world. In some cases, other countries are approaching Armenia because they have interests in the[...]

YEREVAN / CAIRO — Haig Avakian born in 1964, Cairo, is a musicologist, pianist, vocal coach, chorus master, publicist and philologist. He studied at Noubarian Armenian School, Heliopolis, Cairo; in 1983, he received a certificate from[...]

Synergy from the Stress Points of Four Lifelines (Baraka, 2021), the latest in Kardash Onnig’s Baraka Projects, makes the intangible tangible. In the artist’s own words, the sensually-created carvings assembled in this handsome volume[...]

LOS ANGELES — Vahe Berberian’s latest novel, Diary of a Dead Man, is a gripping page-turner packed with uncanny twists and hair-raising turns, which tells the story of Armen, a young Armenian grappling with his suffocating present and[...]

WIESBADEN, Germany — After 30 years’ living and working in Germany, two leading Armenian artists are packing up their canvases and brushes, their books and personal belongings, and will soon board a plane for Yerevan. Nona Gabrielyan[...]

By Avo Piroyan The relationship between the Armenian diaspora and Armenia has overall been disjointed for many years and has not improved in recent years. The charity-based model of diaspora participation does not and cannot guarantee[...]

YEREVAN — “More than half a century passed after these days of deportation and killings, but they left an impression on my then-young mind in an indelible manner. It’s essential to render to history a few of those terrible events[...]