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YEREVAN / BEIRUT — Tania Bakalian Safieddine, known as Tanbak, is a Lebanese contemporary artist. Born in Beirut, in 1954, she studied Spanish literature in Madrid and Barcelona and international relations at Georgetown University in[...]

YEREVAN / KESERWAN (Lebanon) — Haroutioun Isack Bastajian, 47, studied at the Armenian Evangelical High School, Ashrafieh, Beirut, from kindergarten to graduation. Later he studied technical science in interior design at International[...]

YEREVAN / DUBAI – Musician Nina Boutchakjian, known as “Nina Oud” on her social media platforms, was born in Lebanon to an Armenian father (whose family hails from Aintab) and Lebanese mother and raised in Sweden (Stockholm/Nykvarn).[...]

YEREVAN / MOSCOW — My interlocutor is a 32-year-old professional athlete and fitness trainer Kirill Chakryan. He studied at the Moscow Sports Academy, specializing in theory and methodology of combat sports and weightlifting. Kirill is a[...]