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YEREVAN / SHANGHAI — Film director, actor, researcher and writer Ruben Giney (Gasparyan) started making movies when he was 5. His first 8mm film was screened at the Moscow Children’s Film Festival. Before graduating from high school,[...]

GENEVA/YEREVAN — Alain-Barkev Navarra-Navassartian was born in Paris and resides in Geneva. He has studied at University of Sorbonne and Columbia University, New York City. He is a doctor in art history, PhD in sociology in Italy and the[...]

YEREVAN/FLORENCE — Writer and composer Baret Magarian was born in London and currently lives in Florence. He was educated at Durham and London Universities. Magarian has worked as a translator, musician, interviewer, journalist,[...]

YEREVAN/YEKATERINBURG, Russia — In Yekaterinburg, 35-year-old Artur Saroyan is known by some as an athlete, others as a policeman, and to yet others as a dancer. He studied at the Ural Law Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of[...]