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YEREVAN/BUCHAREST — Theater and film actor, director, casting director, PhD lecturer, writer Florin Kevorkian was born in 1970 in Bucharest. He studied acting at Caragiale National University of Theatre and[...]

YEREVAN / PORTO CERVO, Italy — Veronika Guzalian is an Italian-Armenian fashion designer and dancer, living between Italy and Indonesia. Born in Bergamo, Italy, to Armenian father and Italian mother,[...]

YEREVAN / REIMS, France – Patrick Radelet is a French singer, pianist and composer. He studied singing at the Paris Conservatory, where he was awarded a first prize. He has[...]

YEREVAN — Wiebke Zollmann is German poet, translator, photographer, and arts manager. Born in Stendal, Germany, from 2011 to 2014, she studied at the Swiss Literature Institute in Bienne. In[...]

YEREVAN / LONDON  – Iranian film and theater director and writer Navid Mikhak was born in 1990, in Khorramabad, Iran. In 2005 he began to study theater in Khorramabad School[...]

YEREVAN — Many in Armenia know Santosh Kumari Arora from mass media as an Indian living in Armenian for many years and speaking fluent Armenian. Born in Delhi, in 1955,[...]

YEREVAN / LYON — I met French pianist and poet François Mardirossian in Yerevan, where he gave a solo concert on last April 10. He was born in 1989 in[...]

YEREVAN/BUDAPEST — Recently Lector Publishing House of Transylvania published the bilingual (Armenian-Hungarian) anthology, Contemporary Armenian Poetry, initiated by the Hungarian-Armenian Alliance of Transylvania. It includes poems by[...]

YEREVAN — Tomoki Okuyama is a 26-years-old Japanese man who has been residing in Yerevan since last February. He studied sports management at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and worked as[...]

YEREVAN / ALICANTE, Spain – Emma Melikyan is a dancer of different dance styles, choreographer and dance instructor. She was born in 1984, in Yerevan; her father is a violinist[...]

YEREVAN/IFRANE, Morocco — My research of history of Armenians in Africa led to finding interesting compatriots from various African states. One of them is Dr. Jack Vahram Kalpakian, an associate[...]