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LOS ANGELES — “Thank you for moving our hearts,” was the concluding remark of moderator Alice Petrossian at the “Beyond The Book: Transforming Armenian Children’s Literature” webinar, organized by the Armenian International[...]

In Three Apples Fell from The Sky (Oneworld, 2020), author Narine Abgaryan takes us to the heart of Maran, a village perched on a cliff in the Armenian highlands, at the farthest end of Manish-Kar. Abgaryan brings this isolated mountain[...]

Synergy from the Stress Points of Four Lifelines (Baraka, 2021), the latest in Kardash Onnig’s Baraka Projects, makes the intangible tangible. In the artist’s own words, the sensually-created carvings assembled in this handsome volume[...]

The book “I am about to write, nobody else can write . . . It is going to be unique in its depth and breadth,” notes Adam Nourian, the protagonist of Hakob Karapents’ 1983 novel, The Book of Adam, just released in an English[...]