LONDON (PanARMENIAN.Net) — The British auction house Christie’s announced on August 22 that it will support Beirut’s throbbing art community with a charity auction, Grazia reports. The tragic explosion in Beirut affected local[...]

LOS ANGELES – The effects of the Armenian Genocide continue to ripple down through the generations, and a new film, “100 Years from Home,” provides more evidence for this. The film features the story of Lilit Pilikian, who is the[...]

By Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian Special to the Mirror-Spectator GLENDALE, Calif. – Abril Bookstore is moving from its address of 415 East Broadway to Adams Square, an Art Deco shopping center with operating Armenian businesses located in a[...]

YEREVAN – The ballet “Two Suns” is the first ever performing arts work to present Armenian art and cultural heritage on Mezzo TV, the international television channel with a worldwide community of 60 million subscribers. The premiere[...]

By Michelle Mkhlian Special to the Mirror-Spectator LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK – The Armenian community has produced a formidable social media presence since the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan reached a new peak on July 12. Armenian[...]

LOS ANGELES — Lilit Pilikian’s parents would have never met, and a new family and generation would have never formed, had her ancestors not been targeted and forced to flee their homeland during the Armenian Genocide in the early 20th[...]

PARIS — In 2018, the first edition of Little Armenias was published in French. It’s like a Lonely Planet travel guide book, but for the Armenian Diaspora. One by one, the book presents the Armenian communities in 101 countries,[...]

DETROIT — The region of Cilicia occupies a unique place in the history of the Armenians, which began after the incursions of the Turks in Asia Minor in the 11th century and the exile of the Armenian nobility. From the time that Baron[...]

YEREVAN/ATLANTA — My interest in Armenians’ participation in world dance scene and the Armenian communities of Africa intertwined in the persona of Jacques Kwesi Al Asmar. Living in Atlanta, Georgia, he is the chief executive officer[...]

SEATTLE — The radio station KPTZ-91.9 FM will present a new weekly music program called “Exploring Music,” hosted by Tigran Arakelyan, artistic director and conductor of the Port Townsend Symphony. The show will air every Sunday from[...]

BERLIN — On April 24, 1915, the Young Turk regime rounded up hundreds of Armenians, intellectuals, artists, writers, teachers, religious leaders, community elders in what Prof. Tessa Hofmann has called “elitocide.” It was the alarm[...]