FRESNO — This recipe is from the late Dr. Harold H. “Buzz” Baxter’s essential international food and history website, The Gutsy Gourmet. Dr. Baxter’s website is dedicated to his beloved[...]

LOS ANGELES – On June 27, 2022, Barbara Hansen featured this recipe at, her international food blog. Hansen was a James Beard award winner and one of the first[...]

“Palestinian culture revolves around food, from day to day life to weddings and celebrations, food comes into every aspect. It’s about spending time with one’s family and friends and making[...]

This recipe is courtesy of the St. John Armenian Apostolic Church in San Francisco that was founded in 1924. According to the church website, “This soup is so named because[...]

“As a young girl I would make this chorek/choreg recipe with my dear mother. She would give us a small piece of dough and we would shape it into flowers,[...]

This recipe is courtesy of the St. John Armenian Apostolic Church in San Francisco, founded in 1924. The season of Great Lent is a time of renewed devotion as we[...]

Helen Adourian is the successful blogger and entrepreneur at Mediterranean Meals for Moms. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and fashion consultant. When she married her husband John, they traveled[...]

Baingan Bharta/Roasted Eggplant Curry is a delicious and smoky North Indian variation of the Mediterranean baba ganoush. This simple dish has unique smoky flavors that come from grilling the eggplant[...]

“International Cuisine is a culinary and travel adventure. We enjoy sharing recipes and travel tips from every country in the world, and exploring the world through food. Our mission is[...]

Barazek or barazeq (in Arabic barāzeq) is a classic Syrian-Palestinian cookie whose main ingredient is sesame (also called simsim and baksum in Arabic) and often also contains pieces of pistachio.[...]

FRESNO — On Saturday, December 2, the Ladies Society of St. Paul Armenian Church in Fresno held its 43rd annual Christmas Luncheon in the Haig Berberian Hall to kick off[...]