Great Lent in the Armenian Church All ancient churches observe Great Lent (Arm. Medz Bahk), also called “Karasnortk” since it lasts forty days. The days of Lent are referred to as Karasnortagan and the Sundays-Karasnortagan Giragi. [...]

This family recipe is from A Serious Bunburyist* food blog (August 2017) re-created by Steve Sharafian, who contributes the recipe’s history here: “I grew up eating Armenian food that ranged from complex, time intensive dishes, such as[...]

LOS ANGELES — A first-generation American side hustle becomes a path for generational bonding and war relief efforts. Story by Lara Talatinian as told to Kirsten Judson.  Originally published on Zagat Stories.* Born and raised in Los[...]

“This recipe is adapted from A Book of Favorite Recipes, Daughters of Vartan, an essential Armenian cookbook originally published in 1968 by the Daughters of Vartan (Los Angeles Chapter),” says food and wine writer, blogger, and[...]

This St. Sarkis Halva recipe is featured in The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook published by Lena Tashjian and Siroon Parseghian in 2020. “The holiday celebrates Saint Sarkis, one of the most beloved Saints within modern Armenian[...]

This recipe appears in Cooking With Jon, the engaging cookbook written by award-winning chef Jon Koobation, the owner and head chef at the acclaimed Jon’s Bear Club in Reedley, Calif. for several decades before he retired.  Born in[...]

In her respected culinary blog and multimedia project, Dining In Diaspora, Detroit-based journalist and writer Liana Aghajanian explores the intersection of forced migration, identity and cuisine, tracing the Armenian experience in America[...]

“Borag (also spelled beorek, boreg or börek) is a popular staple in many Armenian and Middle Eastern households. Every Armenian family, bakery, and ladies church guild has its own recipe for these savory pastries that is often passed[...]

Mouth-watering lamb shish kebab is at the core of award-winning chef Jon Koobation’s Armenian heritage and family history.  This recipe came from Jon’s beloved maternal grandmother, the late Hatoon Bazarian.  Growing up in[...]

In 1986, Chef Kamal Al Faqih made his debut as the owner and head chef of Med Catering, Inc., the first exclusively Mediterranean catering company in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Born in the United States, Chef Kamal grew up[...]

Persimmons are perhaps the most beautiful fruit of the fall and winter season. Persimmons can be eaten fresh, dried or cooked, and are commonly used around the world in jellies, drinks, pies, cookies, curries and puddings. These persimmon[...]