“When we walk into a kitchen, we are not alone. We bring with us the memories of our mothers and grandmothers and the food served at their tables. For Armenians, preparing and serving food has always been a demonstration of love for our[...]

This recipe is courtesy of The Art of Armenian and Middle Eastern Cooking at: https://www.facebook.com/armenianandmiddleeasterncooking/photos/a.10150104350190794/10158078829710794/?type=3&theater It was originally posted by[...]

SAN FRANCISCO — Elise Kazanjian is a poet/writer who grew up in Tian Jin, China where her father managed an American rug factory. She has worked at Sunset Magazine, at CCTV in Bei Jing, China, for August Coppola’s Audio Vision Project[...]

“Aleppo, Syria can boast one of the richest, most diverse cuisines in the world. Syrian cuisine mainly uses eggplant, zucchini, garlic, meat (mostly from lamb and sheep), sesame seeds, rice, chickpeas, fava beans, lentils, cabbage,[...]

Dawn Anahid MacKeen is an award-winning author of The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey, which chronicles the harrowing story of her beloved and courageous grandfather Stepan Miskjian, who survived the ravages of the 1915 Armenian[...]

This comforting Armenian soup, Babo’s Abour (also called tahnabour or spas), is courtesy of Vera Sarkissian from Aptos, California. Abour is commonly made and eaten during the winter months, and is known for its nourishing and beneficial[...]

(Photos and recipe courtesy of Linda Peek at cafecat.com.au) English-born Linda Peek has cooked for rock stars, dignitaries, and royalty in her role as a diplomat’s wife and is now sharing her stories and recipes at her amazing Canberra,[...]

“Su-Beoreg & Monta Factory, a tiny family-run business in the Armenian-American stronghold of north Pasadena, is about as far away from a factory than the mind can wander. Yerevan native Evelina Yegiazaryan makes almost every morsel[...]

A classic bread frequently baked in Armenian American communities, katah is sometimes referred to as an “Armenian croissant.” It’s flaky, tender, and enriched with plenty of butter. This particular version is inspired by a recipe[...]

Shake Antaramian, a former long-time employee at Sloat Garden Center in San Francisco, has made this traditional Armenian Dolma (Sarma) recipe for decades. It was adapted from Dinner at Omar Khayyam’s, the cookbook written in 1944 by[...]

Great Lent in the Armenian Church All ancient churches observe Great Lent (Arm. Medz Bahk), also called “Karasnortk” since it lasts forty days. The days of Lent are referred to as Karasnortagan and the Sundays-Karasnortagan Giragi. [...]