Topic: Middle Eastern cooking

“If you appreciate sweets, you’ll love this baklava pull-apart bread, featuring a sweet yeast dough, spiced nut filling, and a sticky honey syrup,” says Allison Hau, the public relations professional,[...]

“Fatteh, derived from an old Arabic verb meaning ‘to break bread and steep in liquid,’ is a common dish across the Middle East,” says Reem Kassis, the award-winning Palestinian author,[...]

“Kbeibat dough is usually made with a combination of bulgur and farina/semolina. My aunt Masy soaks, strains, and purées bulgur in a food processor, and then kneads in some farina[...]

(Recipes reprinted from the Orange County Register) By  Faye Levy and Yakir Levy From velvety dips and spreads to vibrant salads to rosewater-spiked treats, Middle Eastern cuisine is as colorful[...]

Blanche Shaheen is an Arab American television host and reporter who reported on ABC’s “View from the Bay,” hosted the independent film show, “Video I” for PBS for 10 years,[...]