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LONDON/NEW YORK — I. B.Tauris, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, has announced the publication of Dr. Boris Adjemian’s book The Brass Band of the King: Armenians in Ethiopia. The book[...]

FRESNO — The Armenian Studies Program is presenting a virtual panel discussion “In Front of the Eyes of the World: The Memoirs of Setrak Timourian” at 11 a.m. (Pacific time)/2[...]

YEREVAN — Let’s do a small experiment: in less than 10 seconds, how many prominent Armenian women can you name? Now, let’s do the same with prominent Armenian men. I[...]

BOSTON — Dr. Paulette Houbouyan-Coutant, of Paris, will discuss the strategies and evolution of the 19th century French mission schools for Armenian girls and women in the Ottoman empire at[...]

BERLIN — During World War I it was not only the Armenians who fell victim to genocide under the Young Turk regime; other Christians, Greeks and Syrian Orthodox, Aramaeans, were[...]

By Sedda Antekelian Over the past month, for the first time, I listened to the testimony of my late great-grandmother, Mary Antekelian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. The interview[...]

ARLINGTON, Mass. — On Sunday, December 4, Project Save Photograph Archive held a Christmas reception at the Armenian Cultural Foundation here to raise funds and display the historic value of[...]

FRESNO — Dr. Rebecca Jinks will present an in-person lecture entitled “‘And My Mother Gave Me Away’: Armenian Women Survivors’ Stories of ‘Absorption’ and Reintegration During and After Genocide” on[...]

Men of war form a commonplace, men of peace a rarity. Hrant Dink fought his entire and all-too-brief life to bring Armenians and Turks together and unite two people who[...]