Prof. Ashot Piliposyan

Polish Group Increases Funding for Excavation at Metsamor


YEREVAN ( — A Polish group cooperating with Armenian archeologists has agreed to agree funding in Metsamor Armenia.

“In 2016 a necklace made of agate and gold beans was discovered during the excavations carried out in ancient urban neighborhood of Metsamor, Armenia. The finding dates back to the 12th or 11th centuries BC. Currently the necklace is in the cleaning stage,” the holder of the Armenian History Chair of State Pedagogical University of Armenia, Ashot Piliposyan noted.

He also said that 22 gold and more than 1,000 tin beans have been unearthed from one of the destroyed mausoleums of Metsamor.

“The findings are exceptional and very interesting. Notably there is no tin in the Armenian Highland and Middle East. They were allegedly brought from the abroad through eastern or western routes. The found materials have been sent to Munich to be studied. Soon it will become clear from where the tin was imported,” he noted.

In the words of Piliposyan, it is four years since the Metsamor excavations are conducted in cooperation with Institute of Archaeology of Warsaw University. This year the joint excavations will continue as well.

“I am convinced that this year the summary report of the four-year-long excavations will be published in the English language in Warsaw. Taking into account the fact that the Middle East faces hard times, the Polish side has increased the funds for the excavations of monuments in Armenia by 1.5 times,” he said adding that the Poland is also set to take a special drone to Armenia to film the monuments from above.

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He also briefed on the result of the excavations of Armenia’s Zorats Karer (Armenian Stonehenge) archaeological site. The 2016 excavations discovered a large number of pottery fragments, iron weapons, remains of working tools, which, according to Ashot Piliposyan, come to prove that the monument dates back to the Iron Age. The excavations in the site will resume this year.


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