Samvel Karapetyan

Forbes Lists Samvel Karapetyan as Russia’s Third Richest Real Estate Tycoon


MOSCOW (Armenpress) — Owner of the Tashir Group Samvel Karapetyan has been included in Forbes’ list of real estate “kings” of Russia. On January 26, the Russian version of Forbes published an updated list of the country’s top real estate moguls. Karapetyan is listed third in the ranking.

Karapetyan heads the Tashir Group, a real estate firm that owns 33 shopping centers, 4 office complexes, and 8 hotels across Russia. In 2015 the group collected $610 million in revenue from leased space. Karapetyan made big acquisitions during the financial crisis and continues to buy property.

Born in Armenia, he moved to Kaluga, near Moscow, in the 1990s. His companies operate in 25 regions of Russia, but recently he has focused on launching new projects in the Moscow area, with plans to invest $800 million to build 4.3 million square feet of residential, retail and office space.


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