From left, Robert Guédiguian, Simon Abkarian, Vasken Toranian (photo Jean Eckian)

Guédiguian, Toranian and Abkarian Call for Voluntary Tax to Help Armenia and Karabakh


PARIS — French-Armenian filmmakers Robert Guédiguian and Vasken Toranian and actor Simon Abkarian have launched an appeal to the Armenian community and its friends to help Armenia and Karabakh financially, with the logistical participation of the Armenian Fund.

The proposal is to participate in a voluntary tax with a minimum donation of 10 euros or 10 dollars per month to contribute to the security, sustainability and development of Armenia and Karabakh in these troubled times.

The Fonds Arménien de France ( is a reliable and solid partner. Its legitimacy and credibility are no longer in question. The authors also call on Hayastan All-Armenian Fund to urgently join this unprecedented operation in collecting this “sacred tax.”

A modest projection would be 10 euros or 10 dollars per month from 3 million people equals 360 million per year to help Armenia and Artsakh.

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