Armen Sakopetoyan cuts the ribbon to the renovated office, with Professor Anna Abajyan to his left.

Sakapetoyan Renovates Office of Yerevan State University Armenian Linguistics Chair


YEREVAN — A day of recognition and remembrance took place at Yerevan State University’s Department of Armenian Philology on September 2. Armen Sakapetoyan had renovated the office of the Chair of the History of the Armenian Language and General Linguistics in memory of his multitalented linguist father Ruben Sakapetoyan and donated the latter’s rich library to the Chair.

Armen Sakopetoyan

Representatives of the professors and lecturers of the Department, the Sakapetoyan family, and former students of Ruben Sakapetoyan were present, along with other invitees. The dean of the Department, Professor Artsrun Avagyan greeted the guests, presented the role of Ruben Sakapetoyan in scholarly pedagogy, and stressed his role in the development of Armenology. Avagyan declared that the initiative of the Sakopetoyan family was inspirational. He also noted that Sakapetoyan’s books continue to teach students, and inspire scholars and linguists.

Professor Artsrun Avagyan

The current holder of the Chair of the History of the Armenian Language and General Linguistics, Professor Anna Abajyan, then expressed her gratitude towards Armen Sakopetoyan and his family.

Armen Sakapetoyan, third from left, at the Yerevan State University’s Department of Armenian Philology celebration

In his turn, Armen Sakopetoyan, who is a member of the board of trustees of the Meghri Development Fund, thanked the speakers for their praise of his father. He declared that the Fund would continue to support the Department of Philology. He announced the decision of its board to establish a scholarship for students of Armenian philology from Meghri, who will return to their native city to put the knowledge they attain in their university studies at the service of the development of the region.

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