A screenshot of the standing before the final round (Source: chess-results.com)

Armenia Among Top Candidates to Win European Chess Championship


ČATEZ OB SAVI, Slovenia – In the small settlement of Čatež ob Savi, Slovenia, the European team chess championship is nearing the end. Before the final ninth round, Armenia, one of the top candidates, climbed to the top of the list. Armenian grandmasters have suffered no defeat so far, scoring victories against Belgium, Israel, France, and Serbia and drawing with Germany, Norway, Azerbaijan, and Spain.

The final games are being played right now. Armenia is playing against Ukraine. Among the other top candidates are France and Azerbaijan, which are playing against each other. Grandmasters Gabriel Sargisyan, Haik Martirosyan, Robert Hovhannisyan, and Samvel Ter-Sahakyan represent Armenia’s squad in the final round. Hovhannisyan tied with Ukrainian GM Shevchenko. The rest of the games continue.

The readers can follow the game live.

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