Protestors in Yerevan (Armenpress photo)

Relatives of POWs Spend Night outside Government Building


YEREVAN ( — A group of relatives of the prisoners of war (POWs) who are held in the Azerbaijani capital Baku spent the night in front of the main building of the government of Armenia, and they are still there. The relative of one of these POWs told Armenian about this on Tuesday, August 10, adding that one of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s staff had approached them and informed that Pashinyan was busy and could not receive them today.

The relatives of these POWs say they will continue to stay outside the building.

These relatives had gathered in front of the main building of the Armenian government the afternoon of August 9 and demanded a meeting with someone competent from the government who can give thorough answers to their questions in terms of having these Armenian POWs returned.

The government first had said that they would receive two of these relatives, but the latter had refused to meet that way.

After some time, however, several of these relatives had met with the Prime Minister’s spokesperson.

But after this meeting they had said that no specific answer was given to them, and therefore they will stay there until someone from the government meets with them.

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