The peace agreement signed on November 10 by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia places Artsakh and Armenia in a critical situation which must be faced with vigilance and wisdom.

The Supreme Council of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party:

a) Welcomes a temporary ceasefire to avoid further casualties. The Armenian people express their gratitude to Russia for its military assistance during this war and for its role in ending the war.

b) Requests an end to the panic and confusion, because this obstructs the possibility of adopting a prudent policy.

(c) Deplores the absence of OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs United States and France in the process of formulating the terms of this ceasefire agreement. We consider the involvement of these countries indispensable.

d) Notes the signed agreement cannot be rendered binding until it is ratified by the National Assembly of Armenia. Therefore, we call on the prime minister to immediately assume his constitutional responsibility and lead the process required by the constitutional order.

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e) States that if the prime minister is unable to fulfill his responsibilities under the current circumstances, whether in order to avoid civil unrest or in case of his resignation, we call on the National Assembly to propose to the president of the Republic of Armenia the formation of an “Interim Coalition Government” of experienced, respected and trusted leaders to bring the country out of this dangerous situation.

f) Declares that the November 10 peace agreement contains historically unacceptable elements that must be rejected immediately, such as the legal control of any foreign power over the south of Armenia (Meghri).

g) States that the absence of a decision on the legal status of Artsakh in the agreement opens the path to a new genocide.

h) Calls upon the Armenian diaspora to stand by Armenia unconditionally, demonstrating unity and and support, so that we can overcome these difficulties and be ready to face the challenges of the future with united forces.

We bow to the sacred memory of all our courageous martyrs and express our support and sympathy to their family members.

Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Supreme Council

November 13, 2020

Boston, Massachusetts



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