President Trump praises Armenians at Carson City on October 18, 2020

Trump Compliments Armenians at Rally, Makes No Specific Promises Beyond ‘Working on Things’


CARSON CITY, Nevada – President Donald Trump at a campaign rally at Carson City on October 18 declared, “Armenians, they are good people. … They are good business people too.” He noted that they have great spirit for their country, and said he saw a lot of their signs, especially in his prior California campaign stop.

The president was in Orange County, California, earlier that day for a private fundraiser and Armenians rallied at Newport Beach nearby urging him to take action against Turkey, which was supporting Azerbaijan against Artsakh and halt a potential genocide.

He did not say anything specific in Carson City about the Artsakh situation, although many of the signs he must have seen held by Armenians referred to the current Azerbaijani aggression. He only said, “We are working on some things.”

At a prior campaign rally on Sunday, September 27, President Trump referred to the violence in Karabakh and said, “We’ll see if we can stop it.”

Here is an excerpt from his Carson City rally where he specifically mentions Armenians.

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The full speech at the rally can be seen here and its transcript here.

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