Several works by Areg Elibekian at Gallery Z

Gallery Z Presents ‘One Name, Three Generations + One’ Tribute to Elibekian Family


WARWICK, R.I. — In June and July, Gallery Z is offering a family affair, presenting art from four different members of the Elibekian family spanning three generations plus one, hence the name, “One Name, Three Generations + One.”

The tradition of painting has been passed down within the Elibekian family for almost a century resulting in the brilliant artistic compositions that define the family’s artistic legacy.

The Elibekian family exhibit will feature paintings by Vagharshak (1910-1994), his two sons Henry (1936-2019 and Robert, 83, and grandson (Robert’s son) Areg, 54.

Works by Henry Elibekian

The works of these four artists are quite different despite their shared heritage.

Vagharshak was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. There he directed Tbilisi’s Armenian Theatre and worked as a painter. His work captures scenes of traditional Georgian customs, architecture, and lifestyles. In 2010, the National Gallery of Armenia celebrated his centennial with a retrospective.

His son, the late Henry Elibekian, was also born in Tbilisi. He graduated from Yerevan’s Institute of Art and Drama in 1967 with a degree in painting. Aside from painting, he also studied acting, directing, sculpture, graphics and design.

Several works by Areg Elibekian at Gallery Z

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His other son, Robert Elibekian, was born in 1941, again in Tbilisi. He later moved to Yerevan, where he graduated from Yerevan’s Institute of Drama and Fine Arts in 1969. His colorful expressionist paintings portray beautiful women and energetic indoor scenes.

The artist’s creative life was reflected in numerous personal exhibitions throughout the world; his canvases are exhibited in famous museums such as National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan Museum of Modern Art, the Matenadaran Manuscript Repository in Yerevan, Tretyakov Gallery, Bakhrushin Theater Museum and the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, the Alex Manoogian Museum of Detroit, Elysée Palace in Paris, Armenian Mkhitarist Museum in Venice, the White House and Zimmerli Art Museum in New Jersey.

Works by Robert Elibekian

The son of Robert, Areg Elibekian, represents the youngest generation in this exhibition. Areg was born in Yerevan and graduated from Yerevan’s Institute of Drama and Fine Arts in 1992. He has since moved to Montreal and teaches at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He travels to Paris every summer to meet his father, Robert, and to paint.

Like his father and grandfather, Elibekian’s artwork is included in various private and public museums/galleries collections. He has had solo exhibitions in Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan; Stewart Hall, Montreal; Gallery Hai Cie, Paris; International Art Center, Beirut; Armenian Museum of America, Watertown; Gallery L’oeil Reno Berg, Brussels; Studio 22, Antwerp; Saint Gregory Cathedral Church, Manhattan; Karen Mitchell Frank Gallery, Dallas; Robert Langen Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario and Stéphanie’s Art Gallery, Los Angeles.

Works by various Elibekians at Gallery Z

In 2008, the Museum des Maitres Artisans du Quebec organized the Elibekian Family exhibition, which was titled “One Name, Three Generations.”

The exhibit’s main reception will be held on Saturday, June 29, from 12-5 p.m. Gallery hours are: Thursdays and Saturdays 12-5 p.m.or by appointment.

Contact Gallery Z Director Berge Ara Zobian to set up a private tour of the exhibit to experience a collection of fine art.

Gallery Z is located at 100 Bellows Street, Unit 8, Warwick. For more information, visit

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