Lika Zakaryan in "Invisible Republic"

Artsakh War Doc ‘Invisible Republic’ Has Global Release


NEW YORK — In light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh — with Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin Corridor creating a deepening food, health, and humanitarian crisis for the 120,000 Armenians now trapped in the republic — the producers of “Invisible Republic” have made the film available digitally globally. Inspired by the explosive wartime diary of Lika Zakaryan, the award-winning documentary can now be watched by virtual cinema.

A still from “Invisible Republic”

The release is accompanied by a global awareness and education campaign spearheaded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and Creative Armenia. Physical screenings for governmental groups, human rights organizations, and educational institutions are now being set in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Zurich, and other cities.

“This isn’t just a film about me,” said Lika Zakaryan, who has been separated from her family for 38 days as a result of the blockade. “It is the story and tragedy of my family, my friends, and my people. And sadly it isn’t over. I look forward to sharing the film with you and meeting with you to discuss the history of Artsakh, what is happening there now, and what we can do to prevent another genocide against the Armenian people.”

“This first-hand account of the realities experienced during and after the 44 days of Azeri aggression in 2020 is a critical documentation of the true human experience. Today, Artsakh is threatened by a territorial blockade putting the lives of its citizens at risk. We urge Armenians everywhere to share Lika’s account and leverage this impressive documentary to raise awareness of what is happening today. We cannot remain silent observers when our fellow Armenians need our voices.” urged AGBU Central Board member Ani Manoukian.

“We initially made this film to educate the non-Armenian world about Artsakh and to raise awareness about the 44-day Artsakh War of 2020,” said the film’s producer Dr. Eric Esrailian, who is also an AGBU Central Board Member and a Founding Member of Creative Armenia. “But the darkest chapter of war may be yet to come. We have decided to move up distribution plans and share Lika’s story with the world, in hopes that it will move hearts and minds to stand with the people of Artsakh at this moment of crisis.”

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The entirety of the proceeds of the film’s release will be donated to Artsakh-related humanitarian and relief charities, including AGBU’s Global Relief Fund.


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