Heavy snow hits Artsakh this March

Azerbaijani Provocations, Heavy Snowfall in Stepanakert, Negotiations with Azerbaijan and More: English-Subtitled News from Artsakh TV


STEPANAKERT — Amid hardships caused by inclement weather and Azerbaijani provocations, the people of Artsakh pursue their path to freedom. Artsakh’s Foreign Minister Davit Babayan stated in an interview to the public TV channel of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic that the peace negotiations with Azerbaijan cannot happen at the expense of Artsakh. There are particular redlines that NKR cannot accept, highlighted Babayan, adding that Artsakh cannot be part of Azerbaijan.

The video reports prepared by the Artsakh colleagues of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator also showcase the problems created by abundant snowfall and disruption of the gas supply caused by the government of Azerbaijan.

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