Revival Square of Stepanakert

Video News Reports from Artsakh


STEPANAKERT – Amid hardships, Artsakh is making serious efforts to recover in the aftermath of the recent war. Stepanakert is being rebuilt, new construction projects are set up, and business becomes tax-exempt in Nagorno Karabakh. Meanwhile, Artsakh citizens celebrated the 33rd year of the modern Karabakh struggle. In February of 1988, the Miatzum (unification with Armenia) movement commenced, aiming to remove the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast from the borders of Soviet Azerbaijan and reunite with Armenia. Amid the current celebrations, however, the people of Artsakh were also concerned at this year’s modest gathering.

Artsakh TV’s February video reports are provided, as usual, with English subtitles. This cooperation continues within the frameworks of the agreement between the Armenian Mirror-Spectator and the Public TV Company of Artsakh.

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