A Diplomatic Opportunity Which Calls for Commensurate Action: Communique of the ADL District Committee


The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) District Committee of the Eastern United States and Canada welcomes President Joe Biden’s humanitarian-based foreign policy approach to restoring the traditional role of the United States globally.

Armenia and American Armenians are particularly grateful to the new administration for signaling a change towards Turkey’s destructive behavior in the south Caucasus, including its instigation of a war using Azerbaijan and jihadi terrorists.

We are hopeful that the Biden White House will make good on its pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide, completing the initiative taken by the US House of Representatives and Senate.

The change in American administrations offers Armenia a new opportunity to address the fundamental issue of the legal status of Nagorno Karabakh and in particular the constant threat of war by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Therefore it is incumbent upon the Armenian government to mobilize its entire diplomatic corps to enunciate and place in proper perspective the issues most vital to its survival and future.

Any change at this stage in key diplomatic personnel may lead to the loss of this valuable opportunity to right past wrongs.

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The Armenian government and US Armenian advocacy organizations can pool their resources to realize their most cherished goals.

Talks in the parliament of assigning Lilit Makunts to the position of ambassador to the US are ill-timed. The most seasoned diplomats are required for such positions, particularly during such a crucial and complex period.

We hope the Armenian government understands and appreciates the exigencies of this delicate moment, and takes a proper and wise course of action in order to be geared for success.

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