Fuat Oktay

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay Criticizes Greece and Armenia


ANKARA (Nor Marmara) – On November 27, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay indicated opposition to animosity created against Muslims and criticized the wave of xenophobia created in Europe. He criticized Armenia and Greece, where he claimed there is hatred above all in regard to Turks. Oktay, emphasizing the ideas of civilization and brotherhood, said that in Turkey mosques, churches, and synagogues are side by side. Ethnic groups having different creeds and cultures are brothers and live shoulder to shoulder, he claimed.

According to him, in Greece mosques have been turned into movie theaters, in Armenia mosques have been torn down and turned into barns, and in the heart of Europe every day there are movements against Islam, while in Turkey the situation is different.

(Oktay made no mention of the hundreds of Armenian churches destroyed or defiled in Turkey and Azerbaijan.)

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