Artsakh Public TV Reports: Video


STEPANAKERT – Developing our cooperation with the television of Artsakh further, the Armenian-Mirror Spectator will present snapshots from Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s Public TV’s programs in our online editions on a bimonthly basis. Artsakh’s political, cultural, military affairs, healthcare and many other issues will be showcased. The English subtitles will make the reports accessible to the English-speaking followers of the Mirror. This week’s edition covers the following topics.

Artsakh TV anchor Anoush Babayan
  1. Artsakh Sends Aid to Lebanon

Artsakh’s government has shipped humanitarian aid to Lebanon. Approximately 12 tons of groceries were prepared with special care by the manufacturing companies as they knew where and for whom they were being sent. The boxes that bear the writing “from Artsakh’s people to Lebanon” contain Artsakh’s fruits and goodies.

Artsakh aid to Lebanon
  1. COVID 19 in Artsakh

Noragyugh [New Village] is the closest village to the capital [Stepanakert]. Locals are hardworking people, mainly engaged in gardening and agriculture. Their harvest they sell in the capital. You will hardly find a village with this many greenhouses. Although the locals are experts on the workings of greenhouses, the inconveniences caused by the pandemic this year affected them as well.

  1. Stepanakert’s New Maternity Hospital Is Under Construction

The working group of the Emergency Service conducted check-ups at the maternity hospital of Stepanakert which is under construction.  The group tested the compliance of the fire alarm and technical safety equipment with the existing regulations. The construction work is actively in progress and will be completed this year.

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