Alin Demirdjian, at foreground, with colleagues in Armenia

Alin Demirdjian Is Looking for Songs in Armenian Provinces


YEREVAN/BUENOS AIRES — Alin Demirdjian is an Argentinian-Armenian singer-songwriter. She has two solo albums with her own songs in Spanish, and she has also been part of different Argentinian and Armenian musical projects in Buenos Aires. She is always curious about different artists and places, and most of the time she is touring around Argentinian provinces, singing and meeting new local artists.

That’s why last year while she was visiting Armenia for the fourth time, she had the idea to do the same in Armenia and Artsakh, and she developed a project called “One province, one song,” which she is implementing this year with the support of Birthright Armenia

Alin Demirdjian, right, sings in Armenia.

The project is aimed at sharing the current musical scene of Armenia and Artsakh while showing its landscapes and traditions. It consists of exploring every province and searching for a local musician or a band with whom she can sing a song in Armenian and record a music video.

Regarding  the songs, the goal is to record artists of all ages, styles, -both in traditional and modern genres. All videos will be filmed on-site and, later on, edited and shared individually (on YouTube and all social media platforms) as episodes. They’ll all be available in Spanish and in English subtitles.

Alin’s desire is to know more, discover artists and share songs in each region of Armenia and Artsakh. She expects  to create bridges through music and generate musical exchanges in the future!

The trip started on July 30 and end in December of this year.

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