Armenian deminers and medical staff before heading to Syria

Injured Armenian De-Miner Returns after Treatment in Russia


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — An Armenian de-miner, who was wounded during the humanitarian mission in Syria, has returned to Armenia, PR manager at the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise Nazeli Elbakyan said on April 19.

She noted that the de-miner has undergone two surgeries after being transported to Moscow from Syria, but he has recovered and returned to Yerevan.

The de-miner was wounded on March 7 during Armenia’s humanitarian mission in Syria.

A group consisting of humanitarian de-miners, doctors and Armenian specialists ensuring their safety, a total of 83 people, arrived in Syria’s Aleppo on February 8 aimed at providing professional humanitarian support to the Syrian people.

The deployment, status, functions and security  issues of the Armenian specialists in Syria will be settled in accordance with the Armenian legislation. The transportation and provision issues of the Armenian specialists are being carried out by the assistance of the Russian side.


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