Tavitian Scholars meet with Dean James Stavridis, Joyce Barsam (Fletcher Board of Advisors / Tavitian Foundation Trustee) and Bob Loynd, Director of Executive Education at Fletcher.

Tavitian Scholars Arrive for Six-Month-Long Program at Fletcher


MEDFORD, Mass. — The Fletcher School’s Tavitian Scholars Program (https://tavitianfoundation.org/) at Tufts University is back for its 19th year. Fifteen scholars arrived on campus in January to take part in the six-month-long program, which offers training in public policy and administration for mid-career Armenian government officials.

Conducted in collaboration with the Tavitian Foundation, the program is divided into two terms, each consisting of two five-week periods, during which students take a series of 11 courses and engage in extracurricular and travel opportunities.

The program has an impressive array of alumni who work in mid-to-senior level positions in the office of Armenia’s president, the parliament, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Economy, and other government institutions.

Fletcher’s Director of Executive Education Robert Loynd said he is excited to see the new scholars acclimate to the school. “We are thrilled to welcome this incredibly talented group of Armenian scholars and professionals,” he said. “The Fletcher School is privileged to further prepare these leaders to continue making a lasting and positive impact on Armenia’s domestic and foreign affairs.”

Below is more information about each.

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• Asanet Aloyan:

I hold a master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Armenia. Currently I am chief tax inspector in the Methodology of taxes and mandatory payments division of the State Revenue Committee (SRC). I am also lecturer at training center of the SRC. I’m giving trainings for staff of SRC and also for taxpayers about all the clarifications and amendments in tax legislation. Before working in the public sector I was working in private sector having different positions mostly in financial organization starting from administrative manager, financial analyzer, economic analyst, team leader, chief financial specialist to chief accountant and director.


  • Naira Avchyan

I hold an MBA degree from the American University of Armenia (Affiliate of the University of California) as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Radio engineering from the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA). Currently, I work as a securities market regulation expert at the Securities market regulation division of the Central Bank of Armenia. I have an expertise in regulatory and legislative policy and procedures for the financial sector, consumer finances, public finances, corporate finances, private pension system, financial markets and instruments, collective investment schemes, financial analysis, and risk management. I am a member of several working groups in the Eurasian Economic Commission. I have played a key role in designing and implementing the pension reform in Armenia. Currently, I am in the process of getting my PhD in finance.


  • Mariam Ayvazyan

I am an adviser to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly where I am responsible for producing legislative drafts and writing opinions on legal drafts. Previously, I worked as a adviser to the Minister of Justice and as a legal expert at the Center for Research and Analysis at the National Assembly. I hold a BA, MA from the Faculty of Law at Yerevan State University.

Currently I am a PhD student at Yerevan State University. I am also a graduate of the George Marshall European Center for Security Studies.


  • Gagik Barseghyan

I hold a PhD in Economics in the Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Economy at the Ministry of Agriculture (Yerevan, Armenia) in 2000. I have graduated from the Armenian Agricultural Academy receiving the degree Economist on Finance and Accounting and the School of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia receiving the degree of Civil Officer. During post graduate study in the Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Economy I was the deputy head of the council of youth scientists. Currently I am the Coordinating head of the Budget Office at the National Assembly of Armenia. Previously, I worked as an expert at the Standing Committee on Financial credit and Budgetary Affairs of the National Assembly (2002- 2016, an assistant adviser to the Prime Minister (2000-2002) and Deputy Head of Minister’s Staff of Agriculture (1999-2000).


  • Ara Edoyan

I hold a diploma specialist’s degree (equivalent to master’s) in Philology and accomplished post-graduate courses in American Literature in the Yerevan State University. I worked at the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports as a counselor to minister, participated in art management international courses in the United Kingdom for a month. Now I work at the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia for about 15 years, 10 of which as deputy chief of staff. I have worked as an acting vice-rector at a university where I was responsible for education–industry links, organizing internships. At my present job I am coordinating the annual work-planning of the ministry departments, the assessment process, and the correspondence involved in drafting laws and regulations and other daily tasks.


  • Gayane Hayrapetyan

I have been working at the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh since 2012, first as assistant to the minister, then as chief specialist at the Division of Youth Affairs. I am currently holding the position of the Head of the Secretariat. Throughout these years I have coordinated a number of international cultural and youth projects from music festivals to youth forums and non-formal education projects. As part of dealing with human resources management in my present work I took part in Civil Service Traineeships in Warsaw in October.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology from Artsakh State University and a Master’s Degree in Management from Mesrop Mashtots University.


  • Arega Hovsepyan

I hold a master’s degree in Oriental Studies from Yerevan State University. Currently I am a Leading Specialist in the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh. I responsible for monitoring Turkish and Azerbaijani media, making translations and analyses of regional developments, logistical support to journalists, press accreditation, organizing official and other meetings of journalists in the framework of their visit, interpreting etc. I took certificated courses in the Diplomatic School of Armenia where I studied public diplomacy, negotiation and communications skills, political analysis and diplomatic correspondence, working with the media and financial reporting as well. I am lecturer in the Mesrop Mashtots University on the subjects of Ethno-political history of the South Caucasus region and History of the Republic of Turkey.


  • Gohar Kartashyan

I hold a master’s degree in Economics from the International School of Economics (Tbilisi, Georgia). Currently I am a macroeconomist in the Monetary policy department at the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) with a focus on macroeconomic forecasting and analysis. Here I mostly deal with developing and communicating views on the global macroeconomic environment supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis. At the Yerevan State University I studied economics and management, was a member of the “Student Scientific Society” of the Faculty and had been working for the Ministry of Finance in Armenia. I am also passionate about issues related to energy and environmental management in Armenia.

I worked in the Resident Coordination unit of the United Nations in Armenia. I have completed several programs in Macroeconomic diagnostics, macroeconometric forecasting and received a professional certification from Tilburg University.


  • Narek Melkumyan

I hold master’s degree in International relations and diplomacy from Yerevan State University. I have graduated also the Diplomatic Academy of Armenia and Yerevan School of Political Studies. I’ve participated also in many both international and local conferences, seminars and trainings and was actively involved in different educational and social projects. Currently  am working in the Municipality of Yerevan as an Assistant to the Deputy Mayor. I’m responsible for coordinating and implementing different projects related to health care, trade and services, external design and advertisement and also IT sphere.  I actively promote sustainable development in Armenia especially in my hometown Berd through different festivals and projects. I`m co founder and co organizer of Shamshadin Honey and Berry festival and also co organizer of Harvest festival: Rural life and traditions.


  • Hrachya Papikyan

I hold a master’s degree in Management, Finances and Control from the French University Foundation in Armenia and Université Jean-Moulin 3 (Lyon, France). From 2012, I have been working as an analyst in the Financial System Stability and Development department of the Central bank of Armenia. Besides my key responsibilities, which include risk assessment and regulative activities concerning to payment systems, now I am involved in several strategic projects for Central bank of Armenia as an expert. Among them are development of a new Panamanian fast money transfer system and development of FinTech strategy of Armenia.Before starting my professional career, in parallel to my education I used to work as a sales agent in telecommunication and insurance fields.


  • Arevik Petrosyan

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences and Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Public Administration Academy of Armenia. Currently I am the Youth Programme Assistant Coordinator of the UNAIDS-supported project and Office Manager of “AIDS Infoshare” project implemented by the National Center for AIDS Prevention of the Ministry of Healthcare. My career (also volunteering period) has been focused on the prevention of HIV infection, particularly with youth, adolescents and labor migrants. I develop information and educational materials for different population groups, conduct seminars, webinars on HIV/AIDS issues. I have completed a course in project management at the American University of Armenia.


  • Lilit Petrosyan

I am a Public Law Expert at the Center for Legislation Development & Legal Research at the Ministry of Justice. I have previously worked as an assistant to the Chief Deputy Minister of Justice and as a judge assistant in the Court of Cassation.

I am pursuing a PhD in Administrative Procedure Law at Yerevan State University. I also teach civil and administrative procedure in the faculty of Law. I have represented Armenia in Courtroom 600 at the Nuremberg Moot Court (dissecting both procedural and substantive issues of international criminal law) and in the Jessup International Law Moot Court. I have also published articles on a wide range of legal topics including women’s rights, detention, vandalism, and administrative claims. Currently I am the head of Career Center of Law faculty and provide the bond between the employers and students, organizes seminars and conferences to improve student’s skills.


  • Artur Sayadyan

I hold a master’s degree in Economics from Yerevan State University and later Master of Laws (LL.M Program) from the American University of Armenia. Currently I am a chief customs officer in the Internal Audit department of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia. I attended several summer schools in Germany while being a student, and worked at ACBA-Credit Agrikole Bank of Armenia for 2 years parallel my Master’s classes of economics.

Prior to my current position at State Revenue Committee I owed my own business importing modern greenhouse equipment from Israel and construction of greenhouses all over Armenia. Currently we have a family business which is a cozy hotel in the center of Yerevan.


  • Pavel Tadevosyan

I hold a Doctorate degree in Civil Procedure Law and a Master degree in European Law from Yerevan State University in Armenia. Currently, I am the Adviser to the Head of Staff of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia. I’m delivering educational lectures in the Law Faculty of YSU on Civil Procedure for both Bachelor and Master’s courses. I have published more than 10 articles in different international and domestic law journals and a monograph.

I am also a member of the chamber of the advocates of RA. Moreover, I’m making specialized trainings for the future members of the Chamber. Before moving to the Ministry, I used to work in one of the leading banks of Armenia as a head of Juridical Analyzes and Legal Acts Drafting Department and also was the representative of our Bank in the Central Bank during customer interests defending procedures.


  • Viktor Yengibaryan

I have studied sociology at Yerevan State University and Transnationalization at Ruhr Universitaet Bochum. Currently I work as an advisor to a Member of Parliament of Armenia. I am the chairman of Yerevan council of Bright Armenia Party (liberal) and also coordinate International contacts of the party. Returning from Germany in 2004, I worked at UNDP Armenia office as data entry specialist in a humanitarian demining project. In 2005 I established the European Movement in Armenia NGO, later the organization became a full member of International European Movement, which is the biggest pro and pan European NGO. I worked as a European Integration expert. Later I joined the GIZ (German International cooperation agency) as a portfolio manager.

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