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Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund Announces New Medical Kit Deliveries


NEW YORK — Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund (AWHF) announced recently the delivery of 4,500 additional military-grade first-aid kits, as well as vital medical supplies to Artsakh.

This marks the second shipment of military-grade first-aid kits to Artsakh’s defense forces at the battlefront. The $165,000 shipment was funded jointly by Armenian Medical Fund, USA, Hamazkayin NY, and individual AWHF donors. Special technical assistance was given by local partners of AWHF, IDeA Foundation in Armenia.

This shipment is on top of the 3,000 kits already deployed in two regions in fall 2016, bringing the total to 7,500 kits. During multiple monitoring missions, the organization members have observed a high level of readiness, training and professionalism in upgrading the combat casualty care system to US Army standards. The Armenian Ministry of Defense has confirmed these kits have already saved lives of servicemen on the border, which is subject to Azerbaijan’s constant violation of the cease-fire agreement. Below are pictures from the most recent monitoring mission in August of 2017.

These kits are the same as those used by the US Army to prevent combat deaths from extremity bleeding, lacerated lungs, and breathing difficulties caused by penetrating trauma. A complete system includes individual soldier kits, squad medic bags, and platoon-level professional medic equipment. Advanced training is provided by the new Combat Medic School (funded by the US government) and is unique to the entire region. We would appreciate your support in providing these life-saving first-aid kits, so that we can cover the remaining regions.

AWHF works closely with the leadership of the Central Military Hospital in Yerevan to supply critical medical supplies to support wounded warriors. AWHF delivers both specifically procured, specialized medical equipment and supplies, and additional supplies that have been donated in the US.


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Sponsor a Hero

AWHF is taking a larger role in financing the rehabilitation costs of approximately 25 young, wounded heroes who are undergoing rehabilitation in Yerevan. This includes medical, rehabilitation, lodging (in some cases), and nutritional expense for our heroes. We are seeking individual and corporate sponsors who can “Sponsor a Hero” for $250 per month. This amount covers all of the costs related to the care and rehabilitation of one hero. In addition, we have recruited volunteers to teach English and accounting, and expect to expand to other subjects in the near future. We also organize concerts on-location and other events, to lift the spirits of our heroes. Volunteers are encouraged to contact us if they can contribute in any way.

Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving our heroes, standing with them through challenging times, saving lives, and supporting the rehabilitation of our wounded heroes who have sacrificed all for our homeland.

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