Flight Route between Armenia and Lebanon Established


YEREVAN (Public Radio of Armenia) — Armenia Airlines has officially launched direct flights between Yerevan and Beirut. Representatives of both countries say the event is of landmark importance for the development of bilateral relations.

The inaugural flight was carried out on April 10 with 80 passengers on board, 90 passengers arrived in Yerevan on the return flight.

“The airline will operate flights once a week, and will increase the number to four in summer.  The two-way ticket will cost $320,” said Robert Oganesyan, director general of Armenia Airline.

The demand for the flight is high, considering that there are more than 150,000 Armenians in Lebanon.

The plane was welcomed in Beirut by Lebanon’s Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian and Armenia’s Ambassador to Lebanon Samvel Mktchyan.

Guidanian said the flight creates a stronger bond between Armenia and Lebanon. As tourism minister, he has pledged to prepare a tourism package and include Armenia in it. He added that Lebanese businessmen are interested in investing in Armenia.

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