Armenian Community of China Organizes Chess Championship


BEIJING — From March 12 to 24, the Armenian Community of China organized its first Online Chess Championship. Armenians from different Chinese cities, such as Nanjing, Hong Kong, Xian, Dalian, Beijing and Shanghai, participated in this event.

During the intense and spectacular championship, Albert Voskanyan (Hong Kong) won first place, Ruben Galstyan (Dalian) second and Rosa Babayan (Beijing) third.

Mher Sahakyan, president of the Armenian Community of China, mentioned that “using modern technologies, it was possible to organize the first ever Online Chess Championship of the Armenian Community of China. Thus, many Armenians who are living thousands of kilometers away from each other were united with this intellectual game. We Armenians have a special attitude towards chess, and this can be used as a unifying factor as well.”

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