Youssefians Donate Medical Equipment for Newborns to Stepanakert Institutions


STEPANAKERT (ArtsakhPress) — Argentine-Armenian Daniel Youssefian, a philanthropist supporting the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and a member of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Supreme Council, donated four new incubators in all to Artsakh’s Arevik Children’s Health Center and the Mother and Child Health Preservation Center.

Mesrop Margaryan, director of the Arevik Children’s Health Center said that the hospital received two special incubators for premature newborns made by the German firm Dräger.

Margaryan declared, “This equipment assures all the necessary conditions for the care of immature infants with appropriate humidity, temperature and oxygen levels. Through its assistance, the vital functions of the newborn develop normally. The equipment also has a monitor which assures all the parameters of activity of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The child is under 24-hour supervision. Fifteen to twenty children are kept in the incubator throughout a year.” Markarian added that until now, the medical center only had two such pieces of equipment.

Director of the Mother and Child Health Preservation Center Vadim Osipov said that the intensive therapy division for newborns is considered one of the important parts of the center, and is at the focus of attention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Artsakh. He continued: “The new equipment allows the realization of the full treatment, supervision and care of premature babies born on the territory of the Republic of Artsakh. The equipment aids in raising the level of health care.” Until this gift, he added, the Mother and Child Health Preservation Center only had one incubator, which was so old that it was not fully functional.

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