Confidential Document Targeting Hrant Dink back in 1990s Exposed


ISTANBUL (Armenpress) — Procedural instruments of Hrant Dink’s case reveal striking details on the participation of the state, particularly the police and intelligence services, in the murder of the Istanbul-Armenian journalist.

The investigation of the case exposed a document which made clear why Hrant Dink was not given a passport for years, Agos reported.

For nearly 25 years Dink applied to the Regional Security Office in Istanbul to receive a passport, but his applications were always sent back. In the sidelines of the investigation of the journalist’s murder, a document dating to 1997 labeled “confidential” was found. In addition to Dink’s name, the name of the then-vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople and the current Patriarch Mesrob Mutafyan was mentioned in the document.

“An individual named Firat Dink is among our targets due to his pro-Armenian activities. He is the editor-in-chief of Agos periodical, published in Istanbul by Armenians, and is in close ties with the vicar of the Armenian Patriarchate Mesrob Archbishop Mutafyan, famous for his Armenian nationalist inclinations,” reads the document.

The court demanded this document within the framework of investigating the complicity of former officials in Dink’s case.

Another document exposes that the state had been interested in the ethnic background of the murderer of Hrant Dink Ogün Samast and the person who put him up to the murder, Yasin Hayal’i.

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It is mentioned in a justification sent by the Intelligence Department of General Directorate of Security that Yasin Hayal’i’s background has been explored until 1904 year. The observation showed that there are no non-Muslims among the members of his family. The same has been revealed for Ogün Samast.

Hrant Dink was born on September 15, 1954. He founded the only bilingual (Armenian and Turkish) newspaper in the Armenian community – Agos. By that he aimed to introduce the issues of both the community and the minorities of Turkey. He thought that the people in Turkey were prejudiced against the Armenians as they were not well familiar with the Armenians. So he used to say that the Armenians of Istanbul led а very isolated life and that if those in Turkey knew the Armenians better, all the prejudices would vanish.

Dink was killed on January 19, 2007 as a result of armed attack in front of the editorial. The man who organized the assassination, Yasin Hayal, was sentenced to life imprisonment and the perpetrator Ogyun Samast was sentenced to imprisonment for 22 years by the decision of the court on January 17. 2012.

In October 2014 Istanbul’s 5th High Criminal Court made a decision to start the trial into the murder of Hrant Dink from zero. Prosecutor Gökalp Kökçü has filed a lawsuit against 26 former and current officials who are believed to have played a role in the assassination.

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