Serouj Kradjian and his band during the performance

Serouj Kradjian and His Band Take Audience on a Musical Odyssey


Serouj Kradjian and His Band Take Audience on a Musical Odyssey

By Nanor Hartounian

PARAMUS, N.J. — On Saturday, April 20, spectators from near and far gathered at Bergen Community College’s Ciccone Theatre for “Piano Fantasy,” an eclectic musical journey by Grammy-nominated and two-time Juno-award- winning Canadian-Armenian pianist, composer and arranger, Serouj Kradjian and his band.

Kradjian, along with guitarist Haig Ashod Beylerian, violinist Ani Sinanyan, and percussionist Artashes Sinanyan, delighted the crowd with a unique fusion of musical genres.

The concert, organized by the Tekeyan Cultural Association Greater New York (TCA-GNY) chapter, was well received by its attendees, both Armenian and non-Armenian, who enjoyed music ranging from musical legend Charles Aznavour and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, to Franz Liszt, Lebanese singer Fayrouz, Argentinian tango and Joni Mitchell, to name a few. Saturday’s performance of “Piano Fantasy” featured a seamless blend of original compositions that took inspiration from and paid homage to these artists, each song eliciting great delight from the crowd.

“It was our pleasure to organize this fantastic concert. The various music styles played so effortlessly by Serouj and his band transported the audience through history,” said Hilda Hartounian, chair of the TCA-GNY chapter.

Serouj Kradjian and his band with TCA Greater New York members

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Beylerian was struck by the good nature of the audience, stating he “felt like they were with us through every measure,” adding, “the professionalism and generosity of Tekeyan are second to none.” Sinanyan also reflected on his experience performing for such an engaged crowd. “[I felt] that they were briefing every single note with us. Feeling whole emotional ups and downs with each member of the band. For me as a musician is a blessing to have such audiences.”

“The community of New Jersey gave us such a heartwarming welcome, I didn’t want to leave,” said Sinanyan. “Thank you to the wonderful [TCA-GNY chapter] for the immense kindness and care we were given. Spending time and sharing our music with such lovely people, these moments will be cherished in my heart forever.”

Kradjian also ruminated on his positive experience working with the TCA-GNY chapter. “It’s rare that I work with a cultural organization, and I feel that me and my band are being welcomed like family members, he said, adding, “Beyond the high professionalism, the organizational prowess and attention to every single detail, [TCA-GNY] made us feel at home from the first minute we arrived in New Jersey. And the result was the memorable concert we gave at the Ciccone Theater…A big thanks to the Tekeyan committee, and a personal thank you to Hilda Hartounian who was so passionate in making this concert a huge success.”

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