Manita Vartan behind her daughter Elizabeth, wearing the tiara

Manita Vartan: ‘‘Bulgaria’s Kim Kardashian’ Is How People Refer to Me’


WASHINGTON — The most beautiful girl of Bulgaria is Armenian, according to a recent contest. Manita Vartan, who triumphed in the Mrs. Bulgaria competition in November 2022, is also anticipated to represent Bulgaria at the Ms. World 2023 pageant later in the year in Dubai. Manita is a fourth-generation Bulgarian-Armenian and a native of the town of Plovdiv. Her last name Vartan is actually Manita’s father’s name; the family name is Khachikian.

Elizabeth, who also received awards at musical events, is Manita’s six-year-old daughter. When I called Manita, she was driving her car with Elizabeth. She parked the vehicle as we discussed the outstanding success of a mother and daughter who are fourth and fifth generation Bulgarian-Armenians.

The Vartan family

“Both of my parents were educators, and I also held teaching jobs in Armenian and Bulgarian schools. These facts made it simpler for me to protect my Armenian heritage. Additionally, keeping our identity was extremely important to everyone in my family,” Manita stated.

One day, Manita learned about the Mrs. Bulgaria 2022 competition and decided to try. “I’ve never attended any beauty competitions, either locally or nationally. I have only ever done a small amount of modeling. And then, surprisingly, I had success on my first attempt,” remarked Manita. Out of 300 participants, the jury first choose 15, then three and then recognized one, the Bulgarian-Armenian representative, as a winner.

Manita Vartan and her husband

She keeps up her modeling career but also started programs in support of Bulgaria’s nursing homes and orphanages. “I also strive to help the gifted kids,” Manita added.

Meeting Kim is My Greatest Dream

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People in Bulgaria frequently refer to her as “Bulgaria’s Kim Kardashian” when they learn that she is Armenian and also because of some physical resemblance between the American top model and social media figure Kim Kardashian and Bulgaria’s top model Manita Vartan. “Meeting Kim is my greatest dream. She is my inspiration,” declared Manita.

Manita Vartan

Manita’s husband is an Armenian businessman originally from Yerevan and she intends to travel to Armenia in the near future. The couple’s daughter Elizabeth took first place in an international musical contest in Italy’s Naples last October. She also won about 20 different musical and foreign language competitions in Bulgaria, including one on January 18 of this year coming at the top of the International Festival City of Talents.

“We recently enjoyed tremendous popularity in Armenia. I’m delighted that the Armenian media reached out to me and welcomed me. I was born in Bulgaria, but my heart is Armenian. I want to document how my great-grandparent endured the Genocide and deportations in a book,” Manita stated.

An interview with Manita Vartan and her photographs and other videos are shown in the bilingual video below. The video includes musical performance by Elizabeth.

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