Armenia Tied with N. Macedonia in Skopje: Remains at the Top of Its Group


SKOPJE, Republic of North Macedonia – Today, September 2, in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying games, no goals were scored in Skopje, where North Macedonia hosted Armenia’s national team. The latter ended up having more ball possession time (66% vs. 34%). However, Armenians had more clear attempts on target: three Armenia vs. a single shot of N. Macedonians. There were no red cards in the game; three yellow cards were shown to Armenians and two to the hosts.

As a result of three games last spring, Armenia, somewhat unexpectedly for many, climbed to the top of the J Group of the World Cup qualifying games, leaving behind four-time world champion Germany, also Northern Macedonia, Romania, Iceland, and Lichtenstein.

During the spring games, the Armenian team gained relatively easy wins against Lichtenstein and Iceland and defeated the Romanians in a tough meeting in Yerevan on March 31 (3-2). Although today the Germans defeated Lichtenstein and collected nine scores in total, they still lack a single point to reach the Armenians. Thanks to the draw in Skopje, Yerevan added one score to the previously collected nine and will continue leading Group J for at least three more days.

J Group standing chart

The critical game between the leading Armenian and German teams will be played on September 5 on the Mercedes-Benz soccer field in Stuttgart. After that, on September 8, Armenia will host Lichtenstein. So far, Yerevan’s National Team has suffered no defeats during the World Qualifying games.

Spanish football coach Joaquín de Jesús Caparrós Camino trains the Armenian team.

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