Tatul Haakobyan

Journalist Tatul Hakobyan Will Talk about ‘44 Day Disaster’


FRESNO —Journalist and political analyst Tatul Hakobyan will speak on “The 44 Day Disaster: Why It Happened as It Did” at 10 a.m. (Pacific time)/1 p.m. (Eastern time) on Saturday, March 6. The presentation is part of the Spring 2021 Lecture Series of the Armenian Studies Program and is co-sponsored by the Homenetmen Fresno Sassoun Chapter.

Independent political analyst Tatul Hakobyan will discuss the major causes of the Artsakh War of September-November 2020, and analyze the reasons for the defeat.

Hakobyan has been a close observer of the political situation in Armenia following the war, and will discuss the various currents in the Armenian political scene. He will also discuss the broader regional aspects of the war, including the involvement of Turkey. Hakobyan will bring his years of experience to answering questions about the lead-up to the war and also the aftermath of the war.

Hakobyan is a journalist and an analyst on the Artsakh War and Armenian-Turkish relations. He is the coordinator of the Ani Armenian Research Center and the author of three books: Karabakh Diary: Black and Green, Armenians and Turks: A View from Ararat, and Death Valley: The 44-Day Disaster.

Zoom Registration Link: https://bit.ly/armenianstudiestatulhakobyan

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