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Belmont Filmmaker Hopes to Raise Funds for Original TV Series


BELMONT, Mass. — Belmont author and filmmaker Sharisse Zeroonian recently wrapped up post-production of a pilot episode of an original television program, “One Plus One Is Two.” The show, which takes place and was mostly filmed in Massachusetts, is a drama that mostly focuses on Marielle Morin, a woman with a learning disability who began working as a special education advocate in the 1960s. The show goes back and forth in time, but is mostly set in the present day and chronicles her husband and daughter’s process of writing a book about her life and career. It also focuses on the characters’ families, and primarily explores the theme of parenting: what it means to be a parent, people vowing never to turn into their parents and then doing so, etc.

According to a social media post by Zeroonian, “One Plus One Is Two” is unique because it “centers around an activist who is not completely sympathetic,” “its characters makes the same mistakes over and over again…..and while some of the characters do change their behavior for a bit, they often find themselves falling into the same ruts they were in before,” and “features a main character with a disability without making it their only defining characteristic.”

To watch the program, visit Amazon’s Prime Video section.

The series is an adaptation of a stage play by the same name written by Zeroonian in 2014. The pilot episode, which was accepted into the Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay, and Music Festival this year, is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. However, the cast and crew is currently seeking donations to finance the production of the remaining seven episodes.

To donate to the project, visit Zeroonian’s Facebook page or the “One Plus One Is Two” page.


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