MP Jon Inarritu

Spanish Parliament Passes Motion to Send Aid to Artsakh, Suspend Arms Sales to Azerbaijan


MADRID ( — The Spanish Parliament on Monday, November 17, adopted a motion submitted by MP Jon Inarritu to send humanitarian assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and to suspend arms sales to Azerbaijan, ehBildu reported.

The motion also urges international organizations to be actively involved in the search for a “peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict which has already caused a humanitarian crisis.”

The Spanish lawmaker stressed the urgency of providing humanitarian assistance to refugee families and the need to maintain a proactive position within international organizations, so that “the conflict in the Artsakh Republic is put on the international humanitarian agenda.”

“Despite the ceasefire agreed last week, the conflict continues and a lasting solution is needed more than ever,” he stated.

Recently, Inarritu was part of a delegation of observers comprising parliamentarians and journalists from different states of the European Union, has seen first-hand the situation in Armenia and Artsakh and has witnessed the damage caused by the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression.


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