American-Armenians gather at the Massachusetts State House to protest Azerbaijan's military, with Turkey's support, attacking the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic formerly Mountainous Karabakh,that started on Sunday, September 27, 2020.

New England Armenian-Americans Protest Azerbaijan Attack on Homeland


By Ken Martin

BOSTON – Armenians from throughout New England held a strong protest at the Massachusetts Statehouse and made a big noise on Friday afternoon, October 2, 2020, in downtown Boston, to bring attention to major attacks by the military of Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, against Artsakh and Armenia, that started on Sunday morning, September 27, 2020.

Organized by a quick reaction team of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Boston Nejdeh chapter, nearly 1,000 protestors held signs and shouted slogans stating that Armenians wanted peace while Azerbaijan made war. speakers gave dramatic presentations and the crowd sang the Armenian national anthem, Mer Hairenik [Our Fatherland], and other patriotic songs. Many carried the flags of Armenia and Artsakh as automobiles blaring their horns in support of the demonstration circled Boston Common and demonstrators repeatedly shouted, “Artsakh is Armenia!”  Members of sister organizations under the Armenian Revolutionary Federation umbrella of groups included in addition to AYF, several Armenian Relief Society chapters, the Boston Hamazkayin cultural organization, and the Boston HMEM scouts and athletic group. Several members of the clergy were in attendance and blessed the protestors.

Though the AYF organized this action it is to be noted that a large segment of the crowd were non-party affiliated Armenians and friends from throughout New England including many residents and their families who were from the Armenian Republic and Artsakh. Many others were immigrants from past and recent conflicts in the Middle East from Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iran demonstrating with the older Armenian-American community who are the descendants of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide. Members of other Armenian political, cultural, and religious groups including the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) , the Tekeyan Cultural Association and chapters of the Armenian Student Association (ASA) were in attendance in a show of unity and solidarity with the Artsakh and Armenian Republics in the continuing war.

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A more than ordinary Massachusetts State Police and Boston police presence was on the periphery of the protest as protection against Azerbaijani thugs who have been attacking peaceful Armenian gatherings and community properties around the world, including a recent incident in Boston, the vandalism of Armenian schools in California and the arson attack on the Armenian Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Media presence included local TV Channels 5 WCVB and Boston Fox 25, as well as the Boston Globe.

When asked what else protestors and Bostonians could do to help Artsakh and Armenia organizers suggested people give of themselves to others by supplying non-perishable food, surgical supplies and non-prescription medicine. Financial donations should be made to the All Armenia Fund and to With Our Soldiers.

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As the scheduled time for the event concluded, the entire crowd of protestors marched in solidarity through Boston Common with hopes of peace and an end to the war now six days old, and into the early autumn evening.

All photos accompanying this article as well as the two videos are by Ken Martin.


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