George Kirazian’s Novella, A Time for Fathers, Is Released


SAN DIEGO — Author and composer George Kirazian’s novella, A Time for Fathers, has been released by Laurel Publications and is available on

In the short novel, Doug Foster, 14, is fed-up staying with his moody aunt and uncle, wants to avoid permanently living with them and decides to search for his father. His journey takes him from one end of San Diego to the other, meeting strange, quirky, and beautiful people who knew his father. Some of them couldn’t care less and don’t help him at all. Others, in their own kind way, offer memories that help Doug to forget his bitterness and see his father in a way he never has before.

Author, teacher, and composer George Kirazian completed undergraduate and graduate studies at New York University, and for more than 30 years taught writing, literature and music appreciation courses at Grossmont College and San Diego State University.

In addition to his novella, A Time for Fathers, Kirazian has written and published extensively in poetry and fiction. He also wrote the children’s books The Sleeping Violet, Perry the Peacock and Beyond the Koala Kingdom, also recently released by Laurel Publications. His nonfiction book, Easy Writing, helps adults improve their writing. He has also written scripts and instructional videos, including the popular Let’s Play the Piano and All Those Keyboards (Kultur Video).

Kirazian’s work as a composer includes various art songs, hymns, the Armenian Apostolic Church liturgy (, and a ballet, “The Book of Ruth.” Several of his works have been performed by various choral groups in the San Diego area.

For more information visit his website,, or his Amazon Author Page.

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