A Time for Pan-National Solidarity: A Communique of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Supreme Council


Our homeland is facing a crisis within a crisis. The pandemic has reached an unexpected stage with very destructive prospective results for health and the economy. A political crisis has advanced in parallel with that crisis which turns the domestic situation in Armenia all the more fateful.

The only prudent choice under these circumstances is to rally round the state and defeat the crises with pan-Armenian forces. Calls for prudence have been sounded, to which we wish to add our voice. No word, movement or act is permissible which might contribute to the instability of the country. It is time to recall the bitter lessons of our national history. Our Cilician kingdom met its end in the 14th century as a result of weakness created by internal quarrels and divisions of which the Mamluks took advantage. The fall of the first republic was also realized as much from the breach of national unity as from external political developments. We have a serious responsibility in front of history not to repeat the same mistakes.

The Velvet Revolution triumphed in our homeland with new promises of social justice, prosperity and renewal. Especially in these days of crisis, it is necessary to allow the new regime to carry out its agenda.

On the other hand, it is expected that the new authorities will demonstrate statesmanship. The state belongs to all factions of the homeland, including the opposition elements. For the state to ensure the loyalty of the entire nation, an impartial attitude toward all citizens is required.

All our patriotic speeches rightfully call for the unity of Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora. Today the moment has come to take that idea of unity out of the realm solely of rhetoric and form a body of consensus, uniting the three factions of our nation and propounding an immediate and practical path to solve the growing crisis. It must keep our homeland safe from unwarranted, dangerous and destructive acts.

Pan-Armenian solidarity can no longer be delayed.

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Vartkes Kourouyan                                                                Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian

Secretary                                                                                      Chairman

June 15, 2020

Topics: ADL Party
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